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No6(2) 2019

DOI 10.37219/2528-8253-2019-6

Melnikov OF, Zabolotna DD, Zabolotnyi DI
Immunodiagnostics, immunotherapy and immunoprophylaxis in the department of otolaryngology.
Message 1. Optimal indicators of systemic immunity in assessing the clinical and laboratory status of patients with inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract (analytical generalization)
Bredun OYu, Melnikov OF, Kosakovsky AL, Shuklina JuV, Tymchenko MD
Various surgical techniques influence on the local immunity state in the postoperative period in children's tonsils hypertrophy
Bogomolov AYe
Comparative analysis of skin prick test with immunoblotting of different manufacturers in the context of determining the sensitization to birch allergen in patients with respiratory allergic diseases
Zhulai T, Zupanets I, Shebeko S, Yampolska K.
Nasal endoscopy prospectsin experimental rhinology: some aspects of enisamium iodide nasal spray effectiveness in rhinosinusitis
Kovtunenko OV, Tymchuk SM, Shportko BV
Analysis of expression of molecular marker KI-67 in patients with laryngeal cancer for regional metastases and recurrences
Kravets OV, Cherniienko VV
Survival of patients with resectable advanced oral cancer of different subsites
Shydlovska TA, Pavlyk BI, Zemlyak TB
Criteria lor determining the severity of respiratory failure of patients suffering bilateral vocal fold paralysis
Minin YuV, Klys YuG, Burlaka YuB, Voroshylova NM, Kucherenko TI, Savchenko TD, Verevka SV
Indices of proteins’ and lipids’ peroxidation and the state of antioxidant system in patients with snoring
Bezshapochnyy SB, Loburets VV, Loburets AV, Dzhirov OR
Postsurgical rehabilitation of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis
Pukhlik SM, Shchelkunov AP, Shchelkunov AA.
Diagnostic criteria and result of treatment of Eagle syndrome

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